SYSADVANCE will take part in the seminar “Biomethane – Outlook for Portugal”, an event centred on the prospects for the development of biomethane in Europe, the evolution of biomethane production from waste recovery and the prospects for Portugal in the near future.

With the recent approbation of the Biomethane Action Plan for Portugal, there are many expectations for the promotion of biomethane market as a sustainable way of reducing imports of natural gas used for the industrial, domestic and mobility sectors, decarbonising the national economy and attracting new green industries, driving the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, generating employment, promoting territorial cohesion and boosting sustained economic growth.

As a Portuguese developer and manufacturer company, SYSADVANCE can be a strategic partner for the supply Biogas Upgrading technologies for anaerobic digestion and landfill, as well as other gas purifiers systems.:


The event will take place on March, 20th in Coimbra, Portugal.


Patrick Barcia, SYSADVANCE’s Vice Presidente Technology will be part of the panel, discussing the theme: “Biomethane production in the context of waste recovery”.


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