SYSADVANCE started its activities in 2002, as a spin-off company from a university R&D laboratory with over 40 year’s experience in gas separation technology. 

Today we develop and manufacture on-site gas generation and gas purifiers, as well as integrated solutions for compressed air and technical gases.

SYSADVANCE product portfolio is comprised of Nitrogen Generators, Oxygen Generators, including Medical Oxygen 93 and VSA Oxygen Generators, solutions for purification of biogas, Helium, Hydrogen, as well as a wide range of “turn-key” customized engineered solutions.

The success of the projects SYSADVANCE is involved with is the reflection of the quality and dedication of our highly specialized human resources.

Today SYSADVANCE offers solutions for several industries and sectors such as: chemical and pharmaceutical, electronic components, aluminum casting, engineering, laser cutting, automotive, food, wine, aviation, marine, energy, medical, oil and gas, among others.

SYSADVANCE is present today in more than 50 countries, rendering a solid growth as result of a strategy oriented for creating value to our clients, based on superior technology, quality and reliability of our products, as well as continuous innovation.


SYSADVANCE Management System (MS) is certified according to ISO 9001 and NP 4457 standard for all the range of industrial, medical and energy sector products.

SYSADVANCE MS is also certified according to ISO 13485 standard, for our medical devices: medical oxygen generators and oxygen generation systems, medical air and vacuum systems, and ICU ventilators. These medical devices are certified according to Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

SYSADVANCE NITROGEN and METHAGEN systems can also be certified according to ATEX, ASME-U-Stamp, CSA and UL codes, under request.


Since its foundation, SYSADVANCE has been sustaining a solid and continuous growth, based on its original values: Technology, Innovation and Quality.

I believe that our success is due to the attention rendered to our client’s needs, adapting our offer to these needs and always exceeding their expectations. Our success is also due to the quality of our human resources, to their competency, dedication, focus and dynamism, in a unremitting search for improvement of SYSADVANCE products and services. Our constant efforts and investment on R&D have allowed us to expand rapidly into new business areas, where our applied technological solutions represent indisputable “value-for-money” to our clients.

Our rigorous institutional posture and commitment to reliability and quality is reflected on more than 2800 units and systems installed, in a vast portfolio of select clients, and sustained our average growth rates of 30%.

In glimpse of our future, we aim to maintain our technological leadership in the various sectors we operate, as well as to continue to be recognized by our core values – trust, rigor, and business ethics – values always recognized as being the paramount reason for our growth.


José Vale Machado, PhD  |  CEO


SYSADVANCE – Sistemas de Engenharia S.A., designs, manufactures, markets Nitrogen, Oxygen and VSA Oxygen generators, Medical Oxygen 93% generators and generation systems of Air and Medical Vacuum and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Ventilators, as well as Biogas, Helium, Hydrogen purification systems. SYSADVANCE also provides technical assistance and develop engineering projects focused on the needs of each client.

MISSION: development of engineering solutions and innovative technologies oriented to our clients’ processes, focusing on reducing their operational costs.

SYSADVANCE Board considers QUALITY MANAGEMENT a critical factor for success and has been engaged in maintaining the highest levels of performance and quality of its products in its major business areas – Industrial, Medical and Energy – with a solid commitment to Quality Management System improvement, defined according to the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016, NP 4457:2007, as well as Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC,  the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on Medical Devices and the European Pharmacopoeia.

The Management System is a strategic option that enables the consolidation of all processes and organizational structure, acting as a catalyst for the company to evolve by creating value for all Stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers – based on the motivation and incorporation of the following commitments:

• Compliance with the regulatory, legal and statutory requirements, applicable to its field of activity, products and services.
• Promote continuous improvement of the Processes and the effectiveness of the Management System, establishing and reviewing indicators, objectives and targets for different areas of activity.

• Promote continuous improvement of its products, technologies, systems and services, ensuring continuous improvement of efficiency, reliability, safety and quality, with particular emphasis on medical systems (EN ISO 13485:2016).
• Promote a culture of creativity and innovation in a systematic way, appealing to the motivation, creativity and qualification of the employees, in order to create the best conditions for the development of new knowledge and skills in the company;
• Ensure the planning, execution and control of projects and the adequate availability of resources observing the fulfilment of the regulatory, technical and normative requirements, and others applicable to our activity;
• Sistematize and consolidate the knowledge base generated as a result of the activities carried out and the relationship with partners, clients and other interested parties, so that we are capable of creating new opportunities for innovation;
• Strengthen visibility and recognition as an innovative company with differentiating skills. 
• Raising employees’ awareness for aspects related to their activities and functions, motivating them so that their behavior in the workplace reflects the principles of the Management System adopted, in order to increase productivity and the quality of products and services provided.

The Corporate Policy is both communicated to all employees, and published on SYSADVANCE’s website and reviewed periodically.




Póvoa de Varzim, March 12th 2021

We’re present today in more than 50 countries

Rendering a solid growth as result of a strategy oriented for creating value to our clients, based on superior technology, quality and reliability of our products, as well as continuous innovation.

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