Maintenance and After Sales

The purpose of our service team is ensuring maximum availability of SYSADVANCE products for our customers with a minimum cost.

SYSADVANCE Nitrogen and Oxygen generators are constructed with top quality components to reduce the need for maintenance but their efficiency is fully dependent on the quality of the compressed air. It is very important to perform maintenance correctly and supervise your compressed air system. Dust, oil and humidity are the main causes of breakdowns in PSA systems, especially by decreasing the productivity and lifetime of the adsorbents and damaging valves.

SYSADVANCE can be your full service partner, providing you all components and parts for the operation of your Nitrogen or Oxygen system.

Keeping the maintenance of your equipment up to date is the main factor to protect your investment and improve profitability.

SYSADVANCE offers a wide range of service solutions:

  • Premium maintenance plan;
  • Standard maintenance plan;
  • Spot assistance.


Choosing the correct maintenance plan will ensure availability and correct scheduling of your maintenance, without delays and reducing risk of failure, assisted by highly experimented service technicians.

SYSADVANCE also provides service training for our business partners to ensure their capability to assist our customers all around the world.

If your SYSADVANCE system needs to be verified or serviced, please contact us. Remember to verify the serial number and running hours of the equipment to help us on the identification and proceed faster.


Nitrogen, Oxygen and Medical Oxygen on-site generators, are now available for renting.

SYSADVANCE answers the industry rental demands, providing quality equipment, with full maintenance included in the rental contract. Save on the investment of purchase and start saving from the get-go.

Contacts us:


SYSADVANCE, has an embedded R&D culture, allocates around 20 qualified engineers to its Science, Technology and Engineering departments.

SYSADVANCE innovation is structured in 3 pillars:

  • Permanently coaching national and international internships of engineering master degrees in various fields, that are typically recruited afterwards, ensuring knowledge growth and innovation dynamics
  • Strategic and long-term alliances with national & international Academia
  • Directly contributing to scientific and counselling boards, on Energy Transition matters, tangible across the company wide technology portfolio:

– Member of the Portuguese Government technical and counselling commission CT203, thereby contributing also to ISO Standardization related dossiers

– Founding member of the BIOREF Colab (Portugal)

– Member of advisory boards of international organizations such as ATEE, CLUB BIOGAZ, GRDF, GRT (France), GASNAM (Spain & Portugal), CIB (Italy), ADBA (UK), REGATEC (Sweden), RNG Coalition (North America).

As result of its large expertise and 2 registered patents, SYSADVANCE can participate, individually or in collaboration, on research projects to several organizations and customer profiles. Its primary activities in R&D Consulting focus on the following fields:

Research & Development: microporous adsorbents are the core of our gas purification technologies; a proper selection is a key step to increase productivity, extend separation media lifetime and improve process energy efficiency.

At SYSADVANCE R&D Lab, adsorbent samples from different producers are tested on a daily basis in order to compare their thermodynamic adsorption properties, as well as, their mechanical resistance against wearing. The company has one of the largest gas adsorption database, enabling a proper selection of adsorbents types and grades for all kind of gas separation problems. This proprietary database is a fundamental source for the development of robust and reliable numerical simulation models, which are currently being developed in-house to allows for a faster deployment of the process design of a variety of adsorption- and/or reaction-based gas purification processes.  

Engineering:  Based on process design outputs and equipment sizing, our Engineering team addresses a judicious  selection and combination  of components and equipment meeting the process specifications as well as the client’s needs and standards. The Engineering team focus on the mechanical construction, operation, control, optimization and intensification of the processes. Besides project management, the Engineering team is also in charge of the full management of operations leading to plant installation and commissioning.

If you would like to work towards a circular economy and an energetic transition, SYSADVANCE can help you with our technologies and know-how.