Privacy Policy

The new General Data Protection Regulation – Regulation (Eu) 2016/679 Of The European Parliament And The Council Of 27 April 2016, effective as of 25 May 2018, defines the rules on protection, treatment and free circulation of personal data of natural persons, which applies directly to all entities handling such data in any
State Member of the European Union.

SYSADVANCE – Sistemas de Engenharia, SA carries out its commercial activity, with strict accuracy and respect for legal standards, in order to ensure a high level of security and proper treatment of our Stakeholders’ data – customers, suppliers, partners, employees and shareholders, in a licit and judicious manner, and for the exclusive use of SYSADVANCE.

1. TYPE OF COLLECTED INFORMATION SYSADVANCE collects and maintains records on Customers, Suppliers and Human Resources, obtained and granted voluntarily, through contractual and/or commercial relations, visits to national and international trade fairs/events, direct request of information via email and website.

Concerning Customers and Suppliers, the collected data consists of:
• Name of the entity;
• Tax address;
• Tax Identification Number;
• Other relevant addresses;
• Telephones and emails;
• Commercial Relationship Volume;
• Evolution of satisfaction levels.

Concerning Human Resources, the collected data consists of:
• Name;
• Tax address;
• Tax Identification Number;
• Social Security number;
• ID card;
• Family status for personal income tax;
• Academic qualifications;
• Absence record;
• Medical evaluation record.

The collected data are processed and stored with the following purposes:
• Compliance with legal requirements;
• Quality control surveys;
• Disclosure of informative and/or promotional actions related to SYSADVANCE goods and services.

SYSADVANCE undertakes to, in a clear and unequivocal manner, not to sell, transfer or disclose personal data collected to third parties, except for the Judicial, Tax and Regulatory Authorities concerning the fulfillment of legal impositions.

The entities from which the data is collected have the right to access their personal data, as well as, within the limits of the legislation, to change them, to oppose to their treatment, to decide on the automatic treatment of them, to withdraw the consent and exercise the other foreseen by the law (except when the data is indispensable for the provision of services and sales of goods by SYSADVANCE [therefore of obligatory supply], or compliance with legal obligations to which SYSADVANCE is subject).

Entities have the right to be notified, in accordance with the law, if there is a violation of their personal data, and may submit complaints to the authority(s).

We’re committed in the protection and confidentiality of personal data. We have adopted the necessary technical and organizational measures to comply with the law, ensuring that the processing of personal data is lawful, transparent and limited to authorized purposes. We have adopted measures we consider appropriate to ensure the accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of personal data, as well as all other rights.

Data in physical format is stored in a place that allows its access to be controlled and restricted to the smallest possible number of intervenients. Data in digital format is stored in files whose access is limited to authorized users (access to other users is blocked). In this format, we maintain the smallest possible number of authorized users.

Customer, Supplier and Human Resources records are subject to a pseudonymization process in order to provide a further level of security to data confidentiality.

5. DATA PROTECTON OFFICER SYSADVANCE has not appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) due to the fact that it considers that there is no large-scale data processing insofar as the actual number of affected data holders is relatively small, as well as the extent of the different data elements being processed is reduced.

For more information about SYSADVANCE’s Privacy Policy or practices, or to exercise your data protection rights, you may contact SYSADVANCE at