The specifications for Nitrogen Systems in Oil & Gas are very restrictive and normally the installation site is remote with difficult access to parts. A complete system including a wide range of equipment and options. Together with the Nitrogen Generator, the system can include compressed air, dryers, filters, vessels, boosters, piping and different levels of control.

SYSADVANCE developed container and skid mounted solutions that allow the customer to have a plug & play unit, preventing installation, start-up and operation troubles. The preparation of the site to receive the unit is also minimal and the units comply with the most known certifications, as well as the possibility to install in classified areas.

The quality and efficiency of our Nitrogen Generators are guaranteed, even in the most extreme conditions:

  • Temperatures from -30°C to +55°C;
  • Humidity up to 90% RH at 40°C.

SYSADVANCE provides a complete technical file for each container or skid mounted Oil & Gas System with a detailed Engineering and Design Package.

 Special Specification for Integrated Solutions:

  • ASME – U-stamp – UL CSA standard compliant packages;
  • ATEX systems.


Attending the difficulties experimented by laboratories with traditional nitrogen generation units, SYSADVANCE developed reliable and functional systems together with laboratory equipment manufacturers and customers. Our systems combine the technology applied generally in the industry to the laboratory scale, giving a high efficiency and low maintenance solution to our customers. 

Together with the Nitrogen Generator, the system can include compressed air, dryers, filters, vessels, piping and different levels of monitoring, control and communications. SYSADVANCE provides all necessary project documentation as well as design, lay-out, construction, operation and maintenance details. Installation, commissioning, start-up & training are also offered, giving to the customer a reliable and functional turnkey solution.


The possibility to increase the pressure up to 40 bar with an high pressure booster, is the perfect solution to answer customer’s needs regarding high pressure consumption of nitrogen or oxygen. In addition, Nitrogen and Oxygen cylinder filling stations up to 300 bar, can solve the problem of peak consumptions, as well as easy access to gas in remote places. 

High pressure boosters and filling stations can be easily incorporated into any nitrogen or oxygen generator system allowing a maximum benefit of your on-site installation. SYSADVANCE offers reliable and suitable solutions to increase the pressure or fill your own nitrogen or oxygen cylinders, for a fraction of the cost of bottled-gas purchase and delivery.


In some applications, the mixture of different gases (ex. N2/CO2 for processed meat) is imperative to achieve an acceptable shelf life for the product. Sometimes these mixtures can change, depending on the storage conditions the product will face.

Our solutions for mixing gases allow a high level of accuracy together with the possibility to change the mixture for better results. SYSADVANCE has a large experience to design and install systems in food industry (CO2/N2 mixture), metal heat treatment (N2/H2 mixture), leak test machines (N2/He mixture), etc.

Consult us with your application for gas mixtures and you will receive the best solution adapted to your application.


In addition to our extensive nitrogen and oxygen generation product line, SYSADVANCE has the experience and capability to offer the best solution for complex applications.

The development of custom engineered solutions adapted to specific processes and site conditions are recognized from our partners as cost-effective alternatives to surpass challenges of on-demand nitrogen and oxygen generation. We will recommend the best option for each application. Our engineered systems are used throughout the world in various applications and industries.