SYSADVANCE ´M´ Series Oxygen generators and systems are specially designed to supply Oxygen 93 compliant with European Pharmacopoeia – Oxygen 93 Monograph and are certified according to class IIb European 

Medical Device aimed at health care facilities, ranging from small clinics to large size hospitals, with operating ICU and OR´s. The Oxygen unit is fully automated and controlled by a PLC.


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• Economy – reduction of 90% of Oxygen costs

• Comfort – elimination of the logistic and administrative operations

• Continuous availability – elimination of orders and deliveries

• Security – low pressure non-cryogenic solution

• Container and skid-mounted solutions available

• Certification

– Certified management system according to ISO 13485

– Certified generators and systems according to medical devices directive 93/42/EEC

PSA Technology


Pressure Swing Adsorption can be used to produce Oxygen from compressed air, which is fed to the unit that uses adsorption phenomena to remove the contaminants: H2O and CO2 are removed as other minor contaminants.

The PSA unit contains two columns packed with a selective adsorbent that has affinity towards the component to be removed: zeolite is used to produce O2.

Each column undergoes a cyclic sequence of high and low pressure steps that guarantees the production of a continuous flow of high purity gas.  

In the high pressure step, the adsorbent retains the contaminants present in the compressed air and the desired gas (O2) is obtained from the top of the columns.

The regeneration is accomplished in the low pressure step, with the release of contaminants retained by the adsorbent.

PSA Advantages

• Economy – 90% reduction in the cost of Nitrogen

• Convenience – elimination of logistical and administrative operations

• Continuous availability – elimination of orders and deliveries

• Modularity / Scalability – your installation grows with you

• Robustness, reliability and durability

• Reduced maintenance

• Security

• Ready-to-use engineering solutions