SYSVENT OM1 is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ventilator, suitable for invasive ventilation therapy on adults and pediatrics.

Designed by ICU specialist doctors, SYSVENT OM1 is simple to operate, with an intuitive HMI touch screen interface. All relevant data, including main data evolution graphics, ventilation-specific and patient-specific parameters and settings, are easily accessible and readable.

With a simple and slim design, thought for easy and comfortable operation at the Medical staff finger tips. The HMI touch screen display built in webserver allows for Remote Connectivity for both monitoring and control in PC environment, allowing for centralized monitoring of up to 20 patients/ventilators per PC workstation. Local data logging is also available. SYSVENT OM1 can be placed directly on the ICU bed shelf-system, or in a stand.


• Precision and reliability

• High performance

• Intuitive operation

• Remote control and monitoring

• Pressure and volume control ventilation

• Mandatory and assisted modes

• Adult and pediatric patients

• Oxygen therapy


SYSVENT OM1 provides the most usual Volume and Pressure control modes that are readily available, including assisted respiratory modes. Practical measurement tools such as Hold Pressure, Variable Pressure Support or Tube Pressure Loss compensation are also built-in functions.

O2 mixture is accurate controlled and measured with a Zirconium precision Oxygen analyzer, reducing calibration frequency requirements as well as increasing mixture control accuracy.


SYSVENT OM1 is certified according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.