biogas upgrading SYSADVANCE

SYSADVANCE is rolling out another METHAGEN system for biogas upgrading from Anaerobic Digestion, treating chicken manure feedstock, to be installed in Latvia.

The METHAGEN will treat 2000 Nm3/h of biogas on a first phase, expanding later to 3000 Nm3/h.

The system will deliver biomethane with more than 97% CH4 purity for grid injection @17 barg.

Additionally, our client will obtain a stream of BioCO2, with more than 98.5% purity, which will generate an extra commercial revenue.

SYSADVANCE’s system will deploy ca. 15 million Nm3/year of biomethane, equivalent to 150 GW/year, with one of the lowest energy consumptions in the market, becoming one of the largest biomethane production facilities in the Baltics.


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