Through history, food industry has undergone countless modifications, regarding distributors and consumers level of demands, concerning the shelf life time of fresh products packaging and the maintenance of the organoleptic qualities of food (appearance, smell and taste).

The use of nitrogen in food packaging is one of the most effective methods of slowing food deterioration and extending its longevity.

By modifying the atmosphere of food packaging with nitrogen, oxygen is removed, which massively reduces the chances of food oxidizing, turning decayed or rotten, and greatly increases the food’s shelf life.

To maintain nitrogen packaging systems, a continuous supply of nitrogen gas is needed. Liquid Nitrogen or cylinders delivery can become high costly and reduce profit margins or loss of competitiveness, so using an on-site nitrogen generation system from SYSADVANCE will both improve food quality while maintaining low production costs.

SYSADVANCE on-site nitrogen generation system:

· reduces product oxidation
· eliminates unwanted consequences from bacteria, fungi and insect exposure
· reduces faulty products return
· maintain freshness of product without the need of chemical additives/preservatives
· increases the product shelf life
· allows product expedition to distant markets

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