SYSADVANCE | 4 Nitrogen Generators @ Mexico

nitrogen generator

SYSADVANCE is finalizing four nitrogen on-site generation systems, for a recognized multinational company, market leader in consumer electronics, to be installed in Mexico. SYSADVANCE systems will produce a total outlet gas flow of 1.500 Sm3/hr, 375Nm3/hr each, at 99,95% Nitrogen concentration. This system has sequential and modular control for maximum energy efficiency and optimum compressed […]

First injection of 100% renewable biomethane into the natural gas grid @ Portugal

Biomethane renewable natural gas

Yesterday, Dourogás injected for the first time, biomethane in the Portuguese natural gas grid, allowing it to reach homes and industries. A successful partnership, where SYSADVANCE developed the technology for the biogas purification in biomethane. The event was attended by the Portuguese Minister of Environment and Climate Action, Duarte Cordeiro and the Secretary of State […]


SYSADVANCE at HANNOVER MESSE 2022, last week, explaining its “Renewable Gases – Technology readiness for cost effective energy transition and independence”, to Germany’s Vice-Chancellor – Robert Habeck, accompanied by Portugal’s Minister of Economy – António Costa Silva.


SYSADVANCE is at HANNOVER MESSE 2022, in Germany. SYSADVANCE’s Head of Energy Division, João Pinto Machado will make a presentation (Portugal’s Pavilion – Hall 13 – Energy) on the 1st of June, regarding the theme “Renewable Gases – Technology readiness for cost effective energy transition and independence”.

SYSADVANCE | Presents @ REGATEC 2022

Last week at REGATEC, SYSADVANCE presented its technologies portfolio for the renewable gas sector and their application in the framework of the strategic integration of the renewable electricity and gas systems.


SYSADVANCE is ready for your visit at REGATEC, from 17 – 18 May, in Malmo, Sweden. Find out more about SYSADVANCE technologies at:

SYSADVANCE @ Jornal de Notícias | ICU Ventilator

icu ventilator

SYSADVANCE was featured on Jornal de Notícias, regarding the ICU Ventilator – SYSVent OM1, the first Portuguese ventilator certified. The article focused on the latest units already installed not only on Portuguese hospitals, but also on hospitals in India and Pakistan. SYSADVANCE also plans on launching SYSVENT OM2, in 2023, an improved version with an […]


SYSADVANCE will be exhibiting at REGATEC – International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, focusing on the conversion of biomass and waste to biomethane. The event will take place from 17 – 18 May, in Malmo, Sweden. SYSADVANCE’s Technology Manager Eng. Patrick Bárcia will make a presentation on the 18th May, regarding the theme “Adsorption […]

SYSADVANCE | Energy Independence

SYSADVANCE has the solution for energy independence! Find out more about SYSADVANCE VPSA technology: – Readily available biogas upgrading technology for biomethane production – Several installations in Europe, North America and Middle East      

SYSADVANCE | Anaerobic Digestion System @ Portugal

SYSADVANCE is rolling out another METHAGEN system, for biogas upgrading from anaerobic digestion, to be installed in Portugal. The system will produce around 280 Nm3/h of biomethane, for grid injection. SYSADVANCE system can efficiently remove nitrogen, as well as, strong O2 and CO2 removal capability.